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  • ad54_4 TC

Vagina 2 Head Lovetoy Double Soft Smooth Lifelike (AD54)


Product code: AD54

Features: increase pleasure and penis stimulation, support physiological needs

Category: Sextoy for men, cup vagina

Material: TPE + ABS

Size: 22cm x 6cm

Weight: 507gram

Softness: super smooth

Other functions: Designed with 2 heads

Characteristics: there are 2 types

– Code AD54: Vagina – mouth

– Code AD54A: Vaginal-anal

Vibration: No vibration

Manufacturer: Lovetoy

Origin: USA


Introduction to 2-heads vagina Lovetoy Double:

Just looking at it, you will feel loved and attractive right away when “Lovetoy 2-Head Vagina” is integrated with 2 most unique and attractive complete parts of a woman. The soft lips are full of the glamorous “prelude” moment, a fake vagina head is very similar to the vagina of a young woman with sexy and sexy beauty that makes it easy to get to the top. satisfied, the other end with the “second hole” design is quite tight for you to experience the 3rd world is also really interesting.

The design of the fake vagina is really impressive with its super soft, smooth, high-smooth TPE material that is as smooth as a teenage girl’s skin. The material is highly elastic so it can fit most sizes of “little boy” so don’t be afraid when the vaginal hole is too small. It is this point that is really tight, tightening your penis, creating the most euphoric feeling when you have sex with a real girl.

The double-headed design is cleverly disguised like your hand training, so you can take it anywhere without being detected. Interestingly, the 2-head fake vagina design does not vibrate so the ideal environment for you to use in the bath, swimming pool is also very normal and extremely excited. A product that can integrate up to 3 of the woman’s most sensitive points so that you can experience 100% realism, few products do the same as “2-heads Vagina Lovetoy Double soft and smooth. This bastard “. Enjoy and feel that you will feel like the first touch.


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Instructions on how to use the product:

Cleaning before and after use with physiological saline or soap is OK

Use with water-based lubricating gel to bring the most realistic sublimation moments

Use fake vagina by hand to move


Do not use mineral oils, massage oils instead of lubricants because they can damage materials

Use only water-based lubricating gel before use

After use, clean immediately, drain and dry. Pat children lightly on the surface to preserve the product

Preserving in a dry, cool place, avoiding damp places, easily causing mold and high temperature causing deformed.


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