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  • sku_5052197004281


Category: Condoms

Feature: Thin, anti-slip design to prevent, prevent pregnancy, prevent sexually transmitted infections

Width: 52mm

Length: 18cm

Specification: Box of 3

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Origin: England

Import: Thailand


About Durex Flavors fruit flavor condoms:

With 3 sweet and fragrant fruit flavors from super hot orange, banana and strawberry, durex Flavors condoms will bring your “love” unprecedented and romantic to both The two are immersed in the endless passionate sublimation moments. DUREX Select Flavors is an indispensable product that helps you to have safe and memorable sexual experiences.


Bao cao su durex select flavours

With the DUREX Select Flavors, there will be no unpleasant rubber smell, only the romantic and sweet feeling and attractive fruit flavor.




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