• bao cao su kéo dài thời gian Durex Performa
  • bao cao su kéo dài thời gian Durex Performa

Durex-Performa Condoms Long Time (Box 3c)


Category: Condoms

Feature: Prolong, thin, prevent pregnancy, prevent sexually transmitted infections

Width: 52mm

Length: 18cm

Specification: Box of 3

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Origin: England

Import: Thailand


Introduction of condoms that prolong Durex Performa time:

Durex Performa condom is a long-lasting condom containing a number of licocaine that reduces the feeling for the penis to help you have sex for a long time to bring her to the top easily. The product is genuine imported from Thailand. Before peeling the condom out of the shell, you should gently squeeze the condom, if the condom is still slightly inside, then use it.


bao cao su durex performa 3 bao

Genuine Durex Performa condoms.




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