• bao cao su size lon sieu khung durex
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  • bao cao su size lon sieu khung durex
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Large Size Condoms Durex XXL Box 12 (XXL1)


Product code: XXL1

Category: Condoms, condoms, large size, condoms that last for a long time

Features: Large size, lubrication, extended ties

Packing specification: Box of 12 packs

Odor: Odorless, transparent

Style: Smooth

Ingredients: Latex natural latex latex, deodorizing maximum

Origin and Import: United Kingdom


Introduction to large size condoms Durex XXL:

Durex XXL is a large-size condom product line for men with large size penis (super-large) with super-good latex natural rubber material, effective deodorant to bring new and fresh experiences. for you, without worrying about slipping, or tearing.

At the same time, Durex XXL condom product is also favored by the use of high-class bio-lubricant, making men extend the relationship time but also overcome the symptoms of drought in women. In absolute terms, it helps both of them to have a long and smooth relationship than ever before, bringing their love to the shore of happiness.


bao cao su size lon sieu khung durex

Durex XXL condoms are imported directly from UK with the best quality for our customers.


bao cao su danh cho cu to

Durex XXL helps you to have a longer, more comfortable relationship.


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