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Category: Condoms

Features: Ultra-thin, full of true feelings, contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections

Width: 52mm

Length: 18cm

Specification: Box of 12 pieces

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Origin: England

Import: Thailand


About Durex Invisible Ultra Thin condoms:

Durex Invisible Ultra Thin Condom is the ultra-thin & ultra-thin condom product line, considered the thinnest line of Durex. Especially rated as one of the types of condoms that bring the most true feeling to users and the perfect for couples is essential when using Durex Invisible Ultra Thin. Sometimes you can be assured of the quality because the product is made from high quality natural natural rubber material, flexible elasticity to help you enjoy the feeling of excitement and harmony.


Bao cao su sieu mong durex invisible

Due to its ultra-thin properties and made from high-quality natural rubber material, Durex Invisible Ultra Thin condom transmits extremely fast heat after wearing the bag, retaining the full passion of the partner.


Tight, anti-slip design: Durex Invisible Ultra Thin condom is specially designed to help tighten the anti-slip penis, sometimes you do not have to worry about tearing or podium, even at the best time. Not only that, when wearing the bag, the male fits into the body, creating a charming sexy form. The product contains an abundance of lubricating gel, which helps to support female vaginal vagina, avoiding drought leading to dryness. Due to the smoothness available after wearing the bag, the couple also shortened the boot screen, penetrating into the vagina also became easy.




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