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  • bao cao su size lớn
  • bao cao su size lớn tai tphcm


Product code: CD25
Category: Condoms, large condoms
Manufacturer: SHANGHAI
Origin: Hong Kong



Introducing a large Large you know size condom

For those who are lucky to have a small-sized boy who is proud of his pride but is too big to be able to use conventional condoms, it is also a big problem, don’t worry too much about the export. The current size of Large you Know large-size condom line from Hong Kong will support you to have a good relationship with your partner without worrying about anything.

When you have a line of condoms that are suitable for your penis size, you still worry about fear of tearing because of being too tight and affecting the pleasure of wearing the usual types of condoms that will immediately disappear, bringing re-confidence, comfort in intercourse with her, so that you can be creative with her intertwined in the rising excitement.

In addition, this large size condom line is also added quite a lot of greasy gel to help penetrate more smoothly, to avoid the pain of women very effectively.


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Elasticity and toughness of Large you Know large size condoms is very quality.


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