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Lovetoy Bigger Condom Super Tendon 3 Good Class (BD16)


Product code: BD16

Genre: Sextoy for men, how big the penis is

Features: Increasing penis size, extending relationships, serving lovers

Target users: Men

Colors: Skin – brown

Use length: 16.5cm

Material: Silicon (waterproof)

Manufacturer: Lovetoy

Origin: United States


Introducing how to use the 3-segment super-Lovetoy:

The Lovetoy super-siege is a 3-pronged line for brothers who want to improve their boy size further but just enough, not too small, not too big, this is a product that many brothers selected because it is at the middle level (neutral), 3-segment superconductive duodenum suitable for all penis sizes, is a popular brand of sex toy Lovetoy produces a series of high-class duffle lines Dedicated to worldwide eyebrows, high sophistication products are key to the success of the US sextoy brand.


Bao đôn dên 3 phân lovetoy

Helping penis size increase by 3 centimeters and bigger in circumference, making women extremely satisfied.


The Lovetoy condom is made of medical silicon material so it is safe to use, has a smooth, and extremely high elasticity despite being thin but still very firm and when worn it feels no different from a real penis. To create a true feeling for the brothers and sisters, you will not be able to notice the difference when you wear the Lovetoy bag.

Not only did he help him increase the size of the penis, but it also helped him to extend the time of sex, creating a strong stimulation for her to be extremely happy because she was very tight and let her go crazy and could go to the top. repeatedly.


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Instructions for use of how to use 3-inch super-Lovetoy:

Using a simple condom is like a regular condom you can wear in the direction of the penis.

Can cut as you like to fit penis size. Add lubricant gel to make the relationship more smooth.

Clean hygiene ensures safety for the next use.


Cool place, below 30 degrees C.


Zalo – Viber: 0933 828 779 if you have any questions, you can contact us for advice.

Goods are delivered confidentially and collected when you receive the goods.

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