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  • đô chơi cho gay
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  • bộ mát xa xung điện hậu môn niệu đạo kim loại

Electric Shock Pulse Kit – Metal Urethra (HM31)


Product code: HM31
Features: Anal massage, effective male physiological clearance
Category: Toys for gay
Material: ABS + metal plastic
Power: MAX 100V / 20mA: 2-100Hz pulse frequency
Electric pulse mode: 10 intensity levels, 5 vibration frequencies
Scope of application: Masturbation for men, penis massage, sex toys for men and couples
Product size: 1cm x 2cm x 3cm
Weight: 0.32kg
Product hygiene: by medical alcohol, clean water


Introducing an electro-anal anus electrophoresis massager

The metal urethral anal massage kit is the product line and is especially suitable for gay men with the ability to release a sufficient amount of electrical impulses to stimulate more strongly on their emotions, brings a new, strong feeling of happiness without a single sextoy product line.

The main effect of HM31 is beyond pleasure, but also increased pleasure when electric currents run through the entire urethra of the penis and anus. A unique style of artistic beauty that only the product lines with electric impulses bring you unique feelings.


sextoy có xung điện đô chơi cho gay

Made of stainless steel metal material for users to experience more new, in addition because metal steel should be especially safe for the health of users.


bộ mát xa xung điện hậu môn niệu đạo kim loại


How to use an electro-anal anus electrophoresis massager

Clean products before and after use with medical alcohol or fragrant soap.

Properly insert the battery into the product. In the process of use, you should combine lubricating gel to increase your pleasure more times, avoid burning and easy to clean.


The product is not suitable for use in people with cardiovascular disease or using a pacemaker.


Dry place, below 30 degrees C.