• bup be tinh duc dep mua o dau
  • bup be tinh duc mua o dau
  • do choi tinh duc loai tot
  • bup be tinh duc dep mua o dau
  • bup be tinh duc mua o dau
  • do choi tinh duc loai tot

Sex Doll Long Leg Model Dara Kim (BB32)



Product code: BB32

Category: Premium Sextoy, sex dolls for men

Brand: Jy Doll
Material: TPE, Silicon
Height: 158cm
Weight: 33kg
Relationship function: Vagina, anus
Genital depth: Vaginal 18cm, anal 17cm

Three measurements: 80 * 56 * 83

Made in Japan



About her model sex doll long legs Dara Kim:

Dara Kim sex doll with bright appearance, perfect body, and long legs that are not inferior to any sex doll in the world. This Vietnamese-Korean girl has a white skin, and her slender legs are tall, and the three-gauge Dara Kim metaphor is suitable for those with high demands on everything to be beautiful. Most from her face, her hair to her hands, her legs were judged by judges as comprehensive. To verify, you can refer to the pictures of her.

bup be tinh duc loai tot

A special feature of Dara Kim sex doll is that it has a suitable height plus a slender, slender body and a poetic style.

bup be tinh duc mua o dau

Dara Kim had a full circle of lust when she looked at her breasts, wearing the power of her brother to squeeze and squeeze, she still did not get flustered.


do choi cho namThe material for making Dara Kim comes from clean, healthy silicone particles that are safe for users.


bup be tinh duc dep mua o dau

Dara Kim sex dolls function from vaginal to anal. You can change the postures of all types easily.


bup be tinh du cao cap

bup be tinh duc dep nhat the gioibup be tinh duc nang mai chan dai dara kim cach su dung bup be tinh duc dung cach do choi tinh duc loai tot mua bup be tinh duc tai tphcm


During the relationship you should use condoms and topical gel. Lubricating gel you remember to choose the water base (water base). Should not use silicon base gel (silicon base) it is very harmful to toy materials, in fact silicon-based gel is also not used for condoms.

This is a personal product that does not encourage general use.


Cool place, temperature below 30 degrees C.


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