• may-rung-kich-thich-diem-G-cao-cap-Nalone-Pearl
  • may-rung-kich-thich-diem-G-cao-cap-Nalone-Pearl

Twisted ball twisting G point Nalone Pearl remote control (DC55C)


Features: Anal stimulation, clitoris, G-spot, effective physiological resolution for Gay, gay, female

Target users: Gay, single female, couple who want to change their life, change the feeling of new love

Material: ABS + Silicone

Product length: 12.5cm

Length of use: 10cm

Product base length: 11.5cm

Color: Purple-pink

Frequency: 7 frequencies – 7 intensity

Charger: magnetic charger – USB charging pins

Function: Vibrate – pick

Features: Remote control

Manufacturer: Nalone

Made in Japan

Production: at Nalone China factory


Product introduction:

The twisted tree vibrates with the G Nalone Pearl, which is produced modern and classy for gentlemen to stimulate sensitive areas such as anus, prostate, clitoris as a sexual support tool for both men and women. extremely ideal female, homosexual. Products that can replace the dildo can make massage machine really too much, especially for the GEM, the lonely girls or like to have strong feelings and love lovers live a new and unique room. The product is a ball-shaped design with 3 different spiral sizes, so when going deep inside the HORMON and vagina, a strong and intense stimulation creates the most extreme feeling of numbness. ball bearings. Causing her and her clitoris to contract and tighten continuously from the foreplay until reaching the top from slow to fast, excited emotions like those during sex are awakened. So YOU ​​and the new, passionate sex-loving girls like new things will easily get more pleasure and sublimation in the room.

The design is also particularly smart with the curved base hugging the door area. The silicon material is extremely soft plus smart remote control so it is chosen by a lot of GEM as an attractive gift for yourself. Especially the kind of vibrato created for YOU and sisters to have the happiness at all levels, which is also a great plus point for the spiral ball product line that not all production units have. .

The use of a vibrating twist on G-spot stimulation with intelligent remote control can both stimulate inside the HORMON and vagina, especially deeply stimulating the HORMON, ball twists or buttons stimulation is stronger than every stroke. The base of shaking the outside and attacking the massacre into HAU CITY creates a movement on the chimpanzee at the same time, creating a sensation of extreme excitement and pleasure and it is impossible to control the moan. So it is easy to go to the summit, you can fully satisfy the stimulation of sex and the desire, pleasure is released in the most satisfactory and honest way.

In addition, vibrating tree designed with magnetic rechargeable battery, vibrating 7 frequencies and 7 intensity, so GELLER spoiled to discover the love emotions and feelings of love as a true lover. Safe silicone material is extremely benign, ensuring both health and quality are always top priority.

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