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Tenga Air Cushion Japanese Premium Cup (DC13C)


Product code: DC13C

Features: Effective physiological clearance.

Category: Sextoy for men, cup vagina

Material: High quality silicone, safe for users.

Size: 65 × 83 × 155mm

Weight: 121g

Color: White – red stripe

Manufacturer: Tenga

Made in Japan


Product introduction:

Tenga Air Cushion Cup is the first male sex toy in the world built with Air-cushion technology. The inner core is made entirely of high-quality medical silicon absolutely safe for the user, the elasticity, elasticity inside the Tenga Air Cushion cup is entirely due to the air pressure and not the material. . Thus, Tenga Air Cushion provides a gentle feeling of contraction, but it adheres to the penis to create a special pleasure. Users are fully active in adjusting suction pressure, elasticity according to preferences. The change of air pressure also contributes to the floating surface of the spines in the cup walls, increasing the orgasm.





If with Tenga Deep Throat, the user experiences the feeling of being a blow job, with Tenga TRolling Head giving pleasure in horse riding posture, using Tenga Air Cushion Cup is compared to the sense of relationship in the Missionary pose passionate system. You can train with the Tenga Air Cushion Cup to increase your stamina, overcome the pressure brought by the Tenga Air Cushion Cup, you will become a brave man. Equip you with a Tenga cup, the world’s most sophisticated Japanese product for men, to enjoy the pleasure of being civilized and healthy.




Instructions on how to use:

Open the lid of the Tenga Cup, peel off the airtight seal at the top of the cup. Free to play your way. In the first use, Tenga Cup was lubricated and ready for you to use. On subsequent uses, lubricating gel should be added before allowing the “boy” to penetrate Tenga Cup.

Use air hole:

When sealed, it will create a strong suction force in the cup to increase the elasticity. Using your fingers to alternate, open the air hole will give different pleasure. When the air hole is closed, the special feeling of the horn is being blown.


For easy storage, you should not ejaculate inside Tenga Cup.

After use, gently rinse both the inside and outside of Tenga Cup with water (recommend warm water) and allow to dry naturally, then cover it (avoid wiping dry with a cloth because the cloth can stick on the product) . Be careful not to wash with soap because soap can decompose Tenga Cup material.

The Tenga Cup is made of plastic, so it is only used with water-based Gels.

Can be used with Tenga Cup with condom (water-based lubrication). If using a condom, do not regularly wash Tenga Cup after use.


Cool place or temperature below 30 degrees C.



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