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Japan Imported Tenga-Air- Cup (DC13B)


Product code: DC13B

Features: Effective physiological clearance.

Category: Sextoy for men, cup vagina

Material: High quality silicone waterproof, safe for users.

Manufacturer: Tenga

Made in Japan.


Product introduction:

High quality, soft, elastic silicone material is manufactured according to the leading advanced technology of Japanese Tenga. Tenga-Air masturbation cup is manufactured according to strict safety regulations as well as product features that give users a sense of security and happiness as they are being given by “caring” girls. special.



Inside the vaginal area (in the cup), the structure with prickly, ball and nooks and crannies easily brings excitement when you penetrate deep inside the product. A great experience with me.


With Tenga-Air, you can relieve your physiological needs without having to think about many things to worry about in life, to relieve the balance in your life, Tenga-Air can mind The nighttime experience with an 18+ movie will add to the fun, especially with the handy large and small adjustment mode to help you forget the boring experience. Tenga-Air has a good masturbation to help you reduce the stress of sleeplessness effectively, help you to exercise the pressure, increase your stamina so that you will have more ejaculation in reality. Then you don’t need to be sad because of the problems you are having, Tenga-Air helps massage your penis more hard, more solid, the blood flow in the penis will flow more smoothly to help you limit your symptoms. If you have a black penis on the head of a penis that is common to people who masturbate with your bare hands, if you masturbate with Tenga-Air, your penis will make your penis bigger and tendon.


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User manual:

Remove the plastic layer to cover the outside of the product, open the cover and remove the sticker on the top of the product. Put the penis into the mouth of the cup (simulate a female’s private parts), use the hand to move the cup as you like, You can use lubricating gel to get the best effect and manipulate as if you are having sex with a girl girl




Disinfect products before and after use by 45 degree alcohol or rinse with warm soapy water or 70% Medical alcohol. Then wipe dry. Avoid contacting the product directly with the sun.


Cool place or temperature below 30 degrees C.


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