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  • DC79F_ 2


– Product code: DC79F

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– Target audience: women, lesbians

– Size:

Long head: 13.5cm x 3.5cm

+ Short head penis: 10cm x 2.5cm

– Material: high grade silicon

– Color: pink, purple

– Waterproof

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The two-headed penis is a sex toy specifically for lesbians, and the product is made of transparent silicon that is soft, smooth and soft to the touch. Its sleek, smooth appearance makes it easy to penetrate deeply into the vagina, dramatically boosting her G spot, bringing her to the top quickly.

Advantages and outstanding features of the product
+ Design two strange, eye-catching

+ High quality silicone material

Can be used in conjunction with a strap

+ Absolutely waterproof

The product is a powerful tool in sex for lesbian couples, so that both can feel the emotions as high as a normal couple. Thanks to the double-headed design, couples can enjoy the pleasure at the same time, ensuring an unforgettable experience. The penis can be used with a strap to help you become a real man, doing real sexual positions.


– Cleaning products before use

– More gel can be used to increase pleasure

– If using the pen strap turns the head of the pen is long outside, the head of the shorter pen back into the user to wear.

– After the two are satisfied, the penis is removed, the penis is sanitized again before being imprinted

– Store the product in a dry place, avoid dust