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Cheap and beautiful dildo for her passion (MS04)


Product code: MS04


Cheap and beautiful dildo for her passion.

The passionate toy girls swim all here to own a vibrating dildo, extremely beautiful design with lovely pink and red but very affordable price suitable for many sisters I like it but I’m afraid to buy it. This dildo has a rather unique design like the fierce waves of waves running along the body of the camera look very attractive. It possesses an intrusive length of 13cm which is ideal for Asian women while 3.5cm diameter is also suitable for small vagina women.

This dildo is like a leopard sword to help her conquer her “paradise” with the power of 10 vibrations under the tolerance of AAA batteries. It has a simple control handle design with only 2 power buttons and vibrate mode and a shiny silver rim. This toy is made from a safe ABS plastic material with excellent smoothness that easily enters the vagina without creating a feeling of euphoria.

Advantages of cheap penis:

  • ABS anti-fouling material with extremely fine smoothness
  • 10 different vibration modes for easy G-spot stimulation
  • The slightly curved head easily stimulates female G points
  • Can be used in water, easy to change batteries and durable


  • Turn anticlockwise to open the cover and insert the battery for the product, then close the lid and turn it clockwise to tighten the handle securely.
  • Clean the outside of this dildo with medical alcohol before use.
  • Press the power button on the outside with the handle to start, then press the vibrate mode button (the button with the wave symbol) in the preferred style and can start massage the sensitive points on her “little girl”. You can use the lubricating gel to apply to the vibrating head of this dildo so that the fun goes smoothly if your vagina doesn’t produce enough mucus.
  • After stopping use you press the power button again to turn off the engine and clean again with soap and clean water, then wipe dry before storage.
  • Store this toy in a sealed container, keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and avoid dirt.

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