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Vibration G tool (DV66)


Product code: DV66



– Target audience: women

– Size:

+ DV66 (green): 18.7cm x 3.5cm

+ DV66A (purple): 19cm x 3.5cm

+ DV66B (pink): 19cm x3.5cm

– Material: high grade silicon

– Color: purple, blue, pink

– Vibration mode: 7 vibration frequencies

– Energy: Rechargeable batteries

– Waterproof

– Manufacturer: LETEN

– Import from Japan

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he giant G Leten Massager is a hugely sought after product in the sex toy market. The product was created to relieve sadness, loneliness for sisters on empty nights, empty. The pen is designed with 3 different designs, the type is smooth and tapered, there are ripples, veins are just looking passionate. The product has the main effect is the massage stimulates the G point to bring the experience is extremely wonderful and interesting for the sister.

Advantages and outstanding features of the product
+ Diverse design with 3 styles

+ High quality silicone material

+ Up to 7 vibration frequencies from light to strong

+ Integrated super-excited dual vibration motor

The product has the potential to cause high levels of excitement to the sisters, so men can use it to stimulate their partner in the foreplay. Tell her to cry for joy. The Leten penis has dual vibration motors at the same frequency, stimulating both the inside and the outside, which makes it easy for orgasm.


– Fully charge the battery before use

– Cleaning products before and after use

– Turn on the vibration and then bring the dildo massage the sensitive area like the chest, neck, nape … then massage to the clitoris to create pleasure and begin to put the pen deep inside the negative direct. Move your hands and gradually increase the vibration until you are happy to stop.

– After reaching the top of the penis out and sanitize the product with clean water, use a dry cotton towel to clean and then preserve.

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