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– product code: DV44B



– Target audience: women

– Size: 25cm long, 4cm wide

– Material: high grade silicon

– Skin color

– Mode: vibration, indentation

– Temperature control function: yes (maximum 45 degrees)

– Energy: Rechargeable batteries

– Waterproof

Made in the USA

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The silky dildo-smooth, temperature-controlled thermometer is a product worthy of notice for its unmatched features in the sex toy market. The product is made of high-quality silicone material, shaped like a real man’s penis, with the tendon running along the shaft of the penis, so when masturbation with the dildo, each beat will come out. The vagina, the sapphire rejuvenates the whole body.

The most distinctive feature of this silicone penis product is that it regulates temperature, when the dildos enter the vagina, the sisters can customize so that the penis warms up giving the body a sense of the body. hot, excitement. Along with putting the penis into the rubbing vagina, women will enjoy paradise, ecstasy, infertility, easier to orgasm than normal dildos. The warming mode can easily be adjusted to the desired temperature.

Silicone penis is also a powerful tool, so that the beard can meet the needs of her lover, when the body itself is not physically able to help her.


– Cleaning products before and after use

– On, vibrate, warm up as you like

– More gel can be used to increase pleasure

– Store the product in a dry place, avoid dust.

Zalo – Viber: 0933 828 779 If you have any questions you can contact for advice.