• dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu
  • dương vật giả bằng thủy tinh
  • dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu
  • dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu
  • dương vật giả bằng thủy tinh
  • dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu

4 Color Floating Ball Crystal Penis – Premium Glass Penis (DV52X)


Product code: DV52X
Features: Effective physiological and stress relief, to help refresh the mind.
Category: Toys for gay, portable dildo
Diameter size: 3cm
Length: 17cm
Material: High quality borosilicate glass
Manufacturer: OEM
Origin: Hong Kong


Introducing 4-color floating ball crystal penis

A masterpiece made of 4-color crystal high-grade borosilicate crystal ball glass that is super-beautiful designed, attractive right from the first glance with colorful, shiny polka dots, catching The eyes are very suitable for the women, or the Gay friends love the youthful, dynamic, especially the beauty.

The advantage of this crystal penis is that when you masturbate in the vagina or anus, the floating beads will do the task of rubbing on the sides of your vagina, which are teasing, following the rhythm. Indentation of the user. Helping the masturbation seeks to give her more pleasure, desire to rise higher, with new joy.


dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu mua ở đâu

Overall, the product gives users an eye-catching beauty with many outstanding colors adorned.


dương vật giả bằng thủy tinh

A special feature is that the 4-color crystal ball penis is made from high-grade, extremely good-strength borosilicate glass, so don’t worry when the operation is strong and the product will be broken. That is absolutely very unlikely.


đồ chơi cho gay

Floating particles will also have a chance to reach the sister’s “G” point or the Gay’s “P” point to bring the climaxed and more orgasmic orgasm.


dương vật pha lê bi nổi dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu tại tphcm sextoy cho gay

Super ideal size for you to masturbate more happily.


dương vật pha lê bi nổi 4 màu


Instructions for using 4-color floating ball crystal penis

First you should use diluted soap or salt water to clean the product before using it.

In order to increase stimulation, you can also masturbate in the bathroom under the shower very well.

In the process of masturbation, you should combine lubricating gel and condom to get the best feeling and easy cleaning of the product.

When you finish using it, clean again to allow it to air dry and store in the product box.


Cool place temperature below 30 degrees C.

Keep away from the sun.