• DV69_3TC
  • DV69_3TC


Function: Bigger to add little boy

Target users: men, gay couples Les (padded fake penis like men)

Material: TPE

Softness: Super smooth

Size: 12.7cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 166g

Characteristics: Natural design when “sleeping penis” helps to show a manly character like 100% real

Manufacturer: Lovetoy

Origin: USA

Production: at Lovetoy China factory




Produced to bring more honesty and liveliness to guys who are too small to “pepper kids” or strong “personality” girls who want to show off half of their true men before their eyes mates. Adding a drowsy dildo is really a creative idea because this sleepy guy has the same size and softness as real, so when you pad inside the pants it’s hard to spot fake or real thing “The softness is too standard for you to pull it comfortably and especially the one who carries it feels unkempt, not entangled but gives you confidence when striding, or steaming More with the girls like “big potatoes”.




If the guys are big, or the actual reality is obvious, the guys born with deformities, “little boy” sizes are too small to be a big guilt. Adding the “Lovetoy Super Soft Sleep” can completely bring you on par with the “superhuman” whiskers who at the same time make them more attractive in the “enemy” eye.

The standard size of a penis when “drowsing” has absolute softness, made entirely from high-quality, odorless, non-irritating silicone. Even the first part until the scrotum describes exactly and accurately. Makes the “enemy” can touch and can’t detect the fake that you bring. It was really amazing, even the most powerful individual girls were easily attracted to and attracted to them.

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Product packaging polite and elegant.


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