• dvg-cao-cap-tu-dong-thut-cho-nu-thu-dam-sieu-suong
  • dvg-cao-cap-tu-dong-thut-cho-nu-thu-dam-sieu-suong

Extreme Self-Defense Penis (DC50A)


Product code: DC50A

Category: Female sex machines, high-end stimulation devices

Mode: Vibrate, indent, auto

Material: High-grade ABS and soft silicon

Manufacturer: EasyLove

Made from Japan


Introduction to penis masturbation automatically:

Products of high-end masturbation machines for women with attractive vibrating, retractable, and vibrating modes with a penis simulation of a soft man can automatically make a woman feel ecstatic, penis can be as automatic as a man who is making love to a sister to feel a sense of closeness.



Function of automatic masturbation penis:

Products can be wall mounted and adjusted arbitrarily for you to use many postures lying, kneeling, standing … With enough posture, all frequencies make you dead and tired and tired. Enjoying the happiness on the top in every rushing emotion, women can customize the mode and intensity from gently stroking to strong climax to enjoy the best feeling.


The 4cm up and down mode of vibrating penis automatically gives you a feeling of too much for you, the feeling of coffee you always crave, in addition to a custom 360 degree swivel mode for you to enjoy more feel.


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Instructions for using automatic masturbation penis:

Clean products before and after use with medical alcohol or fragrant soap. Avoid deep and inside water in the electrical circuit of the product.

Charge the battery full of products, then start and customize the functions of the device. During use you should combine lubricating gel and condom to get the best feeling, avoid burning pain.


Dry place, below 30 ° c.


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