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Product code: BB23

Brand: Jy Doll
Material: TPE Silicon phase
Height: 1m62
Neck, Shoulder: 28cm – 36cm
Arms, Hands: 63cm – 14cm
Feet, Feet: 81cm – 21cm
Chest, Waist, Butt: 69cm – 60cm – 109cm
Weight: 50kg
Relationship functions: Mouth, vagina, anus
Depth of mouth depth: 13cm
Anal depth: 14 cm
Vaginal depth: 17cm
Box size: 150 * 42 * 35 cm | 59.1 * 16.5 * 13.8inch


Product introduction:

Jy doll is one of the world’s leading producers of TPE – Silicon dolls from China according to the high-end modern technology line of the United States belonging to Dongguan Xiegang Junying Plastic Products Factory. Jy doll products are applied TPE – Silicon materials with the highest standard in the world with safe non-toxic substances. Obtained by ROHS directive standard and obtained safety certificates that are allowed to export and circulated in European market CE. Of course, besides the safety factor, the doll of this company is also very beautiful and authentic. TPE – Silicon material gives the feeling of human skin when touched and the softness is perfect.


bup be silicon


Perhaps there is no need to say much, you see how she is. Truly fascinating and surprising with JULE 162cm’s price, a wonderful girl, she could serve the needs of her brothers as a true girl. From the BJ to the relationship from the vagina and anus. Its composition is 100% from premium medical TPE and silicon made on the advanced technology in the top sex doll industry in the world. With super soft skin, the body belongs to a rare product but occupies a majority of your taste is “mubby” (not too fat, not too sick) too wonderful, face can beat any hard brothers What counts in the first glance. Too much … if you want to get a woman with a lustful and charming wife, JULE 162cm is the best and brightest choice.


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During the relationship. Lubricating gel you remember to choose the water base (water base). Should not use silicon base gel (silicon base) it is very harmful to toy materials, in fact silicon-based gel is also not used for condoms.

This is a personal product that does not encourage general use.


Cool place, temperature below 30 degrees C.


Zalo – Viber: 0933 828 779 if you have any questions, you can contact us for advice.

Goods are delivered confidentially and collected when you receive the goods,

Hotline: 0933 828 779


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