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  • HM19_3

10 mode Arse-hole vibrating tool (HM19)

550,000 500,000

– Product code: HM19



– Target audience: male, female

– Size: 8.8cm x 2.6cm

– Weight: 200g

– Material: ABS + high grade silicone

– Colors: purple, pink, black

– Vibration mode: yes

– Energy: 2 AAA batteries

– Waterproof

– Manufacturer: Aphrodisia

Made in the USA



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The 10-vibration ventricular anchorage vibrator is the unique design property with back and vaginal massager features, this is a sextoy that is favored by men and women because of the advantages that only it’s new The product helps to stimulate the prostate gland in men and regulate the female hormone effectively to help produce more oily fluid during sexual intercourse.

– Advantages and features of the product:

Design a segmented bead, bringing the experience of extreme happiness

+ Young, fresh colors

High quality ABS and silicone

Integrated 10 powerful vibration modes

+ Compact size, easy to carry away

In addition to design features, the internal vibration function is also worth mentioning in the product, there are up to 10 vibration modes with different frequencies, which will ensure that you and the sibling re-easy orgasm. The product will be more effective when used in conjunction with lubricant gel, bringing the feeling of extreme pleasure, making the fun becomes excitement of surprise.


– Cleaning products before and after use

– Turn on vibrate mode to enjoy

– More gel can be used to increase pleasure

– Store the product in a dry place, avoid dust

Zalo – Viber: 0933 828 779 If you have any questions you can contact for advice.