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G Loveaider 16 vibration modes (MS08)


Product code: MS08



– Target audience: women

– Size: 16cm x 2.6cm

– Weight: 71g

– Material: ABS

– Color: purple, red, white

– Vibration mode: 16 different vibration frequencies

– Power: 3 AAA batteries

– Waterproof

– Manufacturer: Loveaider

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G Loveaider 16 frequency vibrator is a hi-tech sex toy, produced by modern lines, bringing the best quality products. This is the sextoy most sought after this year by the flawless design and extreme vibration features have been. The product is waterproof, you can spoil it in the bathroom without fear of accidental damage.

Advantages and outstanding features of the product
+ Design to look, modern

+ High quality ABS materials

Up to 16 different vibration frequencies

+ Absolutely waterproof

The product is made of high quality ABS material, smooth smooth feeling when inserted into the vagina, bring the pleasure climax, joyful difficult to resist. At the same time the pen is also compact in size, easy to carry in the bag, very suitable for sisters or traveling, work away, massage pen will serve thoughtfully for the enthusiastic women. lonely nights, empty.


– Cleaning products before and after use

– Insert the battery into the product

– Move the product to the position you prefer: vagina, chest, abdomen, … After orgasm, turn off the product control.