• dc90y_-200-tc
  • dc90y_-200-tc

G Svakom Cici(DC90Y)


Procuct code: DC90Y



– Target audience: women

– Size: 18.2cm long, 2.5cm wide

– Material: ABS plastic, high grade silicon

– Weight: 60g

– Color: pink, purple

– Vibration function: multi-mode

– Power: 400mah battery (USB charging) ~ 4h continuous use time

– Waterproof

– Manufacturer: Svakom

– Origin: USA

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Specially designed with bendable head for easy and satisfying G-spot stimulation

The vibration motor is powerful but extremely quiet, Cici can operate for hours continuously

Cici is made from high grade silicone safe to use, undergo rigorous testing before the market.

Sexual desire in women is low, but physiological needs are high. Therefore, more than 70% of women are not fully satisfied when having sex with their partners. High-grade USA G-spot massager is designed to overcome the condition as well as improve sexual relations between couples.

During the show, unlike the men, women are predominantly pre-screened, because when they are overwhelmed with pleasure, the excitement increases when they have sex. is the satisfaction that men bring. The G-spot massager is a supportive device that helps stimulate lust and excite the sisters in the foreplay before the battle.

With a subtle and beautiful design, it is as compact and as long as a chopstick, but the effect is extremely unexpected. The highlight of the product is its performance, the G-spot massager has 5 different modes and 5 levels in each mode. love of yourself. Products with strong internal potentials, with different modes of providing different emotional experiences, will make the sisters unable to coerce the delight when the G spot on the little girl. so excited. However, when working, the G-spot massager does not make noise, but very quiet light.

This is a product designed specifically for women, especially single women, thirsty. But there are two big reasons for men to buy this product. One is that you can use the G-spot massager to stimulate excitement for your partner during the pre-match, before the battle, ensuring that the two of you will get more results than expected. Peak and extreme pleasure. The other reason is that the product can be a meaningful gift to your girlfriend, or to your wife, especially to those in high demand she can use whenever she does not have her side down. go nostalgia


– Fully charge the battery before use

– Cleaning products before and after use

– Turn on the favorite vibration mode and masturbate

– Store the product in a dry place, avoid dust.

Zalo – Viber: 0933 828 779 If you have any questions you can contact for advice.