• may mat xa cao cap mua o dau
  • may mat xa svakom barbara
  • mua may mat xa chim o dau
  • cach su dung may mat xa svakom barbara
  • do choi tinh duc cua my
  • may mat xa cao cap mua o dau
  • may mat xa svakom barbara
  • mua may mat xa chim o dau
  • cach su dung may mat xa svakom barbara
  • do choi tinh duc cua my


Product code: DC89C

Features: Massage point G, Effective physiological clearance
Category: Sextoy for women, G-spot massage device, Svakom-USA
Material: Silicone, high quality ABS plastic
Function: Vibration
Size: 188 * 90 * 36mm
Weight: 175g
Charger: 1.5 hours, Maximum use time of 2 hours
Under water use: Depth of 1m using time is 30 minutes
Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Vibration: There are vibration, 8 vibration modes, various frequencies, extremely smooth vibration.
Color: Pink, red
Full box: Warranty card, charger, manual, silk bag
Manufacturer: Svakom USA
Origin: USA
Note: When customers buy Svakom product lines at shopkiss, they will receive a 6-month warranty under the company’s policy.


Introducing the high-end G-spot massage machine Svakom Barbara:

High-end G-spot massage machine Svakom Barbara is the product of the famous US sextoy company “Svakom”. Products produced from silicone + ABS material with 100% waterproof green technology, and European standards for production processes and medical materials Svakom Barbara will help you satisfy all desires and increase Double the joy of love.



mua may mat xa chim o dau

With the premium G-spot massage Svakom Barbara you will enjoy the comfort of being cared for the last moments of love.


may mat xa svakom barbara


Function of high-end point massage machine Svakom Barbara:

High-end G-spot massager Svakom Barbara has a multi-point dual motor at the same time creating multi-point stimulation to help your entire sensitive area reach the extreme orgasm from inside and outside for the sublimation fun End with 8 vibration modes. The head is a graceful curve with the smooth groove Svakom Barbara smooths inward and creates continuous stimulating pulses until your whole body reaches the end of happiness. With 3 compact keys on the body, you can easily adjust 8 enthusiasts and customize the vibration speed so that every love is perfect.




may mat xa svakom barbara tai tphcm

Using high-end Lithium battery 1.5h maximum use 2h this is a special point of Svakom Barbara is a line of high quality sex toys with the longest and most powerful use time.


sextoy cho nu may thu dam cua my loai tot tai tphcm may mat xa khong tham nuoc may mat xa am dao silicon may kich thich diem g cho nu do choi tinh duc loai tot do choi tinh duc cua my

All of Svakom’s products include: Containers, products, warranty cards and other accessories.


cach su dung may mat xa svakom barbara

Instructions on how to use high-end G-spot massage device Svakom Barbara:

Clean the product before and after using it with medical alcohol or aromatic soap (the device’s water resistance is IPX4).

Fully charge the battery before using it for the first time (use only standard SVAKOM charging device). You should combine the use of condoms and lubricating gels to increase your orgasm more often.

Function keys:

On / Off: Hold the S button for 2 seconds.
S Mode: Press the S button once (when not in S mode).
Repeat S mode: Press the S button twice.


Cool place, below 30 degrees C.


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