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Svakom Becky Premium G-Spot Massage Machine (DC90G)


Product code: DC90G

Features: Clitoral massage, G spot, Effective physiological clearance

Target users: Female

Material: Silicone, high quality ABS plastic

Function: Vibration

Size: Product: 18cm x 3.4cm

Weight: 93g

Charger: 1 hour,

Maximum use time: 2 hours

Waterproof: 100% waterproof

Vibration: There are vibration, 5 vibration modes, many different frequencies, extremely smooth vibration.


Full box: Warranty card, charger, manual, silk bag

Manufacturer: Svakom

Origin: USA

Warranty: 12 months warranty (genuine warranty card according to global standards)


Product introduction:

Seductive and luxurious curves of Svakom Becky sex toys are refined from high-quality medical silicon material and ABS plastic is absolutely safe for users, the engine glides smoothly inside your body without giving out. Any noise, help you focus on the fun. Especially, with 100% waterproof material and green technology, strictly complying with the production standards of the United States and European countries, Svakom Becky can accompany you to adventure all over the world without space or time. and above all, absolutely safe. It’s bedroom, living room or bathroom, whenever wanted, Becky sex toys are willing to meet.

dụng cụ mát xa âm đạo cao cấp cho nữ sướng cực đỉnh Svakom Becky


Ultra-sharp, ultra-smooth running motor will stimulate G-spot and everywhere else on your body. Betty can make your heart sobbing in the first collision with 5 modes of vibration and 5 items in each mode from mild to joyful and ecstatic in a reconciliation that no longer distinguishes true, dream at the next intense vibration intensity. At the last level of intense vibration, the pleasure that becky sex toys bring is that all the sensitive points inside must be in tune and ring in endless pleasure. Now the physiological clearance in the most happy and perfect way is no longer a problem but always within your reach, the important thing we want to bring to our customers is the newness in room talk, avoid boredom, always change to bring endless fun.

User manual:

Fully charge the battery before you use it, take out the product to adjust the vibration mode and start enjoying it, you should add a little lubricant gel to make the fun more enjoyable and stimulating.

  1. Function keys

+ Turn on / Off: Hold the ▲ / ▼ button for 2 seconds to turn the device on and off

+ Enhance vibration mode: Press ▲ button

+ Reduce vibration intensity: Press ▼ button

+ Return to previous mode: Press 2 times ▲ button

+ Switch to the following mode: Press the ▼ button twice

  1. Mode indicator

+ Working mode: White light

+ Turn off vibration: Lights turn off after flashing white light 3 times in a row

+ Low battery: The light turns off after flashing red light 3 times in a row.

+ Charging mode: Flashing white light

+ Full battery: White light


Disinfect products before and after using with warm water with aromatic soap. Then wipe dry. Avoid contacting the product directly with the sun.


Cool place or temperature below 30 degrees C.