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Vibrating Licking Machine (DC88K)

1,750,000 1,600,000

Product code: DC88K



– Target audience: women

– Size: 20cm x 3.5cm x2.8cm

– Mode: 10 vibration modes and lick

– Material: ABS

– Color: pink, purple

– Waterproof

– Manufacturer: EasyLove

– Made in Japan

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Dave is a product that can simultaneously stimulate the inside and outside of the vagina of women to create ecstatic pleasure, women will be punched in the high pleasure

Soft licking stimulates the outside of the clitoris to excite and the vibrator goes into the G stimulus with 10 vibration frequencies until the peak

The highlight of the DC88K is that the sisters reach the orgasm from the inside and outside with licking and erotic lust for each inner rhythm.

Dave is made of high quality ABS material that is odorless and safe for users with extremely high durability and waterproof.

Dave not only made her happy but also super happy to make love to him.

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