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Durex silicon ring wearing penis to prevent premature ejaculation (DC59B)



Code: DC59B

Feature: Prevent ejaculation, increase erection

Target users: Men

Category: Penis ring

Ingredients: TPR is not toxic

Color: in slightly turbid

Vibration: No vibration

Packing specification: Box 01 Pcs

Manufacturer: Durex


Durex silicone rings wear penis to prevent premature ejaculation for men

An effective measure to help long-time playmates without taking the positive or over-the-counter suppressant is the silicone ring that wears the penis. With a mechanism to limit the withdrawal rate of blood to the heart, it makes the “little boy” more rigid and prevent the excitement from the PC, thus slowing the ejaculation process, prolonging the long-term relationship with her to the top A few times to keep up with you.

The true character of men according to most sisters is the time in bed, as long as possible. Currently the proportion of men who have premature ejaculation is too high up to 30%, the time of “30 minutes” in bed is the dream of many guys who unfortunately are too fast. Using Durex silicone bangles will help you argue to improve your time even better when you first use it. When used for a long time, it also helps to increase the size of the “little boy” significantly and diminishes the penis’s excessive stimulation, so it can be said that this penis ring has a positive long-term effect.

Flexible TPR silicone material with extremely good quality, RoHS compliant, with a globally famous brand, Durex silicone safety ring does not hurt “little girl” as you think, but it also works stimulating the lips outside the clitoris when sex makes her happy to the top. With the mechanism of slowing down the blood will help your “little boy” grow bigger with the tendons and especially it will become extraordinarily warm.

Note when using Durex penis ring:

Sterilized cleaning for medical alcohol bracelets before wearing.

Wearing this ring is much easier than wearing a condom, you just need to slip into the erection of the head and use your hand to ring down to the base of the penis.

You should apply a lubricated gel tip around the bracelet to make it more comfortable for you to rub against the vulva.

After use, rinse this bracelet with soap and clean water, then dry and store in a sealed or sealed plastic bag to avoid dust and avoid direct sunlight.