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Product code: Hm28
Function: Anal massage, G-point massage, effective physiological clearance
Category: Toys for gay
Material: Soft TPE Silicone
Size: The product has 5 samples (A, B, C, D, E), the corresponding product size according to the product image below.
Vibration: No vibration
Inhale the soil: There is a wall to inhale
Waterproof: 100% waterproof.
Color: Skin color
Origin: Hong Kong


Introducing large size super soft super soft anal plugs

Large-sized super soft supersonic anal plugs are one of gay boys’ favorite product lines for their practicality as well as ease of use to masturbate and carry with you. anywhere.

Thanks to the soft and tough material, Gay guys will be really smooth and comfortable when put into the anus, and also with a wavy design or a ruggedness that will bring special pleasure. more than when friction deep into your anus helps you feel happy, it is easy to reach the “P” in the anus to bring peak orgasm when masturbating with this super soft anal thermos.


Large-sized super soft parachute anal plugs are made of high-grade silicon + TPE material that is soft and extremely elastic, especially safe for users.


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Thanks to the monolithic design and no electrical circuits, it is easier for users in the room room or in the swimming pools to enjoy the strange feeling.



How to use large-scale super-inhaled super soft anal plugs

Clean products before and after use with medical alcohol or fragrant soap.

In the process of use, you should combine lubricating gel to increase your pleasure more times, avoid burning and easy to clean.


Dry place, below 30 degrees C.