• popper-dau-lau-30ml-gia-khuyen-mai
  • popper-dau-lau-30ml-gia-khuyen-mai

Popper skulls G&N Genuine Stimulates Strong Love (PP9)


Code: PP9

POPPER Skulls G&N is a product made in the US with absolute reliability and safety for your sexual health, giving you moments of love to become stronger, more critical, and feeling happy to be longer than usual.

This G&N popper product is shopkiss.vn distributed quality reputation and fast anti-safety ship nationwide.



Do you know anything about Popper or ever played Popper?

Popper is a term referring to the characteristic aromatic substances used in many pharmaceuticals, which are pharmacologically effective in relaxing smooth muscles, muscle spasms such as throat or anal muscles. When inhaled a part of popper is rapidly metabolized making the muscle more loosely softened. About effect on the nerves, popper causes sexual excitement, gives sexual pleasure and maintains pleasure longer. This popper inhalers absorbs quite quickly through the lungs, in just a minute inhaling it you will immediately feel the excitement it brings. It works fast and eliminates quickly through urination so it is not addictive.

With this POPPER Skull 30ml is very bold, the aroma is strong so the effect lasts longer than other common types, for you to experience intense excitement, help you relate with anal more easily.

How to use poppers:

Inhale each side of the nose. One hand covered 1 nostril and inhaled as two sides similarly, new users should take a slow inhalation slowly, taking 5-7 minutes of inhalation once when the poppers dissolve (depending on where each person will have different effects ) Do not breathe too much when having sex with your partner.

During use you should combine lubricating gel and condom to increase pleasure and avoid burning pain.

When overdose will feel a bit stunned, but this feeling will not go away after a short time and you will return to normal.

This is not an aphrodisiac, and it is all about having sex with everyone, it only increases excitement when having sex or masturbating.


Keep out of reach of CHILDREN

People with a history of heart disease should not use popper.

Do not drink, do not let popper water stick to skin, eyes and open wounds.


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