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  • dung-cu-bao-dam-roi-da-vay-ran

Roi Da Vẩy Rắn Dài Phục Vụ Làm Tình Bạo Dâm (DC57R)


Product information:

Code: DC57R

Category: sadistic sadistic instruments

Premium leather material

Length: 135cm (1.35m)

Volume: 132g

Design: knit round and solid

Purpose: serving violence to create strong feelings when making love.

Origin: Hong Kong


Long snake-skinned whip serves for sexual violence

In sexual style, sexual violence is a strange and cruel form of sex. Because people who participate in sexual violence, they only have sexual excitement when stimulating their partners or being stimulated by their partners by torture. They often use assistive devices for sexual preferences, including long snake whips.

roi da vẩy rắn phục vụ tình dục bạo dâm

Snake-skin whip is made of soft, wiry, high-grade leather and the length of the horse whip is very attractive. If you are the boss during the night, you are like being the owner of the game, the opponent must obediently wait for you to “spread” the real person who is happy! If you are a slave, it would be great to see the partner swinging his whip before your collapse, you will feel the pride of your strong partner.

roi da vẩy rắn dài 135cm có móc treo tường
Roi da vẩy rắn có thiết kế khuyên treo tường


-Your consent is required when using a whip!

-In the act, the chin whip must know how to control the feelings so that the partner will not be hurt.

– Keeping this toy clean is always clean.

-Do not share with strangers.