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Soft leather whip (BZ01A)


Product information:

Code: BZ01A

Category: Sexual toys


Handle handle: There are beautiful light stones

Product length: 56cm

Purpose: create a strong feeling in the prelude to couples who like violence

Feeling: tickling, smooth when spitting

Origin: Hong Kong


Soft leather whip whip stimulates the night more passionately

The spice of love always needs to be renewed to avoid boredom and boredom so create a loving atmosphere with a bit of humor or something. Use soft leather whip tools for the air to love a little more fun to keep the fire of the couple always passionate.

Bitter whip is made of high-quality, odorless leather with a softness and durability. The roll of the whip is glistening with stones that are quite attractive. Especially under the dim light, the glint of gleaming gold looks more interested in sex. The product is too great to stimulate both!

roi phết đít bằng da mềm phục vụ bạo dâm cực sướng và êm ái

According to many couples who like violence, they have a strange style of love to “torture love” they have a strong sense of excitement. They did not find excitement in the gentle love of traditional love. Therefore, the presence of the whip whip is a creative tool in the way of sexual harassment. The whip is still a whip but it does not cause injury to the beaten person because it is very soft and smooth. It hurts! But it’s okay!

roi phết đít bằng da mềm đính đá ống ánh
Cán roi được đính đá ống ánh


-Your consent is required when using a whip!

-In the act, the chin whip must know how to control the feelings so that the partner will not be hurt.

– Keeping this toy clean is always clean.

-Do not share with strangers.