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Stainless Steel Ball Bearings (DC70F)



Code: DC70F

Features: prevent premature ejaculation, increase erection and increase the love time for men

Special function: Change the atmosphere of love for couples.

Material: 304 stainless steel alloy

Score: the circle opens as shiny as the picture

Diameter: 3cm

Ball diameter: 0.8cm

Weight: 30g

Import: USA


Introducing stainless steel ball bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings is a toy for gentlemen that helps to inhibit ejaculation to prolong the time of sex while bringing new inspiration for couples while having sex. It is not only a support tool for you to play longer but also as a decoration for your “little boy” because it looks like a shiny shiny ring made from the best 304 stainless steel.

When wearing this stainless steel ball bearing, you will feel the first coolness in the penis’s body, it will make the blood escape from the penis to return to the heart more slowly, which will help the penis to be much harder than usual and ask. Lightly the vas deferens underneath “little boy” so the “chatter” time will be significantly longer and her way to the dock.

The penis ring is only one size so you are sure the bearings must match your “little boy”. During use if the erection is too long (over 45 minutes) or you feel pain immediately immediately remove the ring from the “little boy”. You should use more lubricant gel to increase your partner’s stimulation and avoid “girl” pain.

How to use stainless steel bearings

Clean the product with medical alcohol before wearing

Put on the ball collar when the penis is hard. Add some lubricant gel to wear and slide the ring easier.

When using, clean again with soap and clean water, then dry before storage.

Store the product in a cool place away from dirt, out of reach of children.