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  • bao-cao-su-masculan


Thể loại: Bao cao su

Tính năng: Kéo dài thơi gian, ngăn ngừa thai, phòng chống các bệnh lây nhiễm qua đường tình dục

Chiều rộng: 52mm

Chiều dài: 18cm

Quy cách: Hộp 10 cái

Hạn sử dụng: 3 năm kể từ ngày sản xuất

Xuất xứ: Đức

Mô tả

Introduction of condoms extending Masculan relations:

Condoms help prolong the time of the Masculan relationship also known as condoms against premature ejaculation for men. This is a very popular condom line used by men today. Because it is as convenient and safe as regular condoms, it helps men prolong the relationship time longer without the need to use any other support drugs. At the same time, it still gives the highest feeling for the brothers to be happy when having sex.

Condoms with long-lasting spikes often use the Benzocaine anesthetic, which works best in about 3-5 minutes. So the time to put on the condom is after about 3-5 minutes the anesthetic will have the best effect.


bao cao su masculan

German imported Masculan condom helps extend the relationship to make the user happy, including a pleasant strawberry scent.





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