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Combo 7 Red Produce For Sadistic (QT06)


Product code: QT07

Features: Create excitement and newness in the room

Target users: No distinction

Material: Genuine leather and metal

Weight: 350g

Origin: Hong Kong

Mô tả

Product introduction:

High quality material made of leather and stainless steel. The unique room play set is a sophisticated designed sadistic toy set of 7 instruments. With traditional types of relationships that somehow make us boring and no longer interested in partners. So innovation is essential in sex. The set of toys includes 7 detailed products in an extremely attractive set of products, unique and clever design but equally attractive with this hot red.

Uses and functions:

With the principle of refreshing the room and adding more interesting things to avoid the indulgence with sex, making the life more heavy, shopkiss.vn would like to introduce you to a 7-piece set of sadistic toys. Particularly for couples who want to change the love space, increasing the excitement of extreme desire, helps prolong the love time more intensely.

User manual:

Convince her by inspiring you will get consent before doing it.


Do not use products when using stimulants such as alcohol, drugs …


Cool place or temperature below 30 degrees C.

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